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What are the Advantages of Cloud Storage?

advantages of cloud storage

So, what are the advantages of cloud storage? Before we get to them, we should have now realised that the past two years have taught us that the ability to work from outside of the office is more important now than ever.

While we’ve always had IT, cloud services and online resources, the need to work from home has accelerated the need for more technology options, especially cloud storage.

Options for cloud storage mean that different companies will use different software to suit their specific needs – and this was particularly important as millions were forced to work from outside of offices due to the Covid-19 pandemic around the world. 

At the drop of a hat, working from home became the norm and the working day changed forever.

So, what are the advantages of cloud storage? Let’s take a look…

What is meant by Cloud Storage?

Cloud storage is a model of computer storage in which the digital data is scored “on the cloud”.
The physical storage of the data and documents spans multiples servers, usually in more than one location.

With cloud storage, the physical server locations are owned and managed by hosting companies, who maintain, secure and run the servers to allow for cloud storage services to be provided.

What are the advantages of Cloud Storage?

  1. Cost
  2. Security
  3. Accessibility
  4. Synching
  5. Updating
  6. Multiple Users

Cloud storage comes in many forms and many different packages. Therefore, you have a variety of options for your own cloud storage needs. Below, we look at some of the advantages of cloud storage which can help make your decision a little easier should you wish to go down that route.


By using cloud storage, your business is effectively outsourcing storage needs. Utilising cloud data storage means that you are reducing the need, and expense, of internal resources, hard drives or servers; an important benefit in a strong list of the advantages of cloud storage.

The company itself does not need any technologies or expertise to manage or store their data, which the vendor company does, meaning no need for expensive training or hiring experts to manage the data storage and servers.

Cloud storage services are often provided at an affordable price; again, meaning that you can have a secure cloud document storage space to suit your business, and at a cost that fits your needs. You can save money and focus on running your business without the worry of managing your own cloud service infrastructure.


When talking about working with the internet, safety and security are massive factors. Irrespective of the size of the business or the wants and needs of cloud storage, document security is a priority for all concerned. 

To ensure your data is secure and accessible, it is saved across multiple locations so if one fails, your data is still managed by the other data centres, keeping it safe, secure and accessible. A copy of your data is generally stored at different locations so that if information and data is lost in one place, it is secured at another location; so your information is not lost. Secure print is also another important service offered by Docutec to ensure GDPR compliance when printing.

One of the most effective ways to run your business is to use the latest tech. Having the right tech for your business will make everything a lot easier. Having a business that is based around tech usage is where the cloud really comes in handy. This is not only a great way to store data but to make sure it’s backed up and accessible from any location where you have an internet connection. For example, QuickBooks Hosting is a great way to store your company’s data securely in the cloud


A hugely important benefit of cloud storage is that files are widely accessible. This means that you can access your files from wherever you are, without the need for third-party help.

You can simply log in and retrieve important documents using your computer, tablet or smartphone to ensure that nothing is out of reach for clients and co-workers.

With the impact of Covid-19 hitting businesses and the need to work from outside the office, cloud storage has become an even more essential part of our work life.

Cloud storage allows for employees to access what they need from anywhere in the world, not just in the office, in the country or travelling around the world. This can also be helpful if working with agency and freelance staff where you can give access to specific and relevant documents.

Synching & Updating

With cloud storage, there’s no need for constant emails or printing paper to access your files.
Paper documents that need updating can be a laborious task; meaning searches through binders and boxes, printing new documents, and filing away again.

However, with cloud storage, your files can be synched to any device that can access an internet connection. This means that you can be anywhere in the world and see the latest synched information and documents

Multiple Users

Another advantage of cloud storage means that more than one person can access the same information at a time.

Rather than multiple printing of all sheets and space-filling folders, access to the cloud allows for multiple staff members to view and work from the same documents. Not only view, but cloud storage means that colleagues can work and edit documents live and in real time.

This makes working with staff from outside the office simplified and allows for office collaborations, even when you’re not physically with your colleagues.


While the list of advantages of cloud storage makes for positive reading, it’s important to be aware of some of the drawbacks.

Internet Dependency

While we all often have access to the internet these days, from Wi-Fi or personal hotspots using phones, internet is needed to be able to access your information and documents. If you’re on the road or in a location without internet access, you won’t be able to access or share documents – so it’s important to ensure you have the right access you need.


While you will save money not having to buy and manage physical servers, cloud storage, depending on your needs, can cost. However, many plans are created for businesses and there are many different providers who offer different plans to businesses.

Technical Issues

Cloud infrastructure is often vulnerable to instability or technological issues. While you may not have issues most cloud storage options, it could happen which means you may lose access to your data until systems are restored.

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We will guide you through the different options, the benefits to your business and how it works.
By 2022, it’s forecast that up to 60% of organisations will be using external cloud managed services – double the percentage or businesses since 2018 (Gartner).

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