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Cantec Give Back to the Local Community


Cantec Give Back to the Local Community…

One indicator of a company’s success is when they can afford to take the time (and the funding) to consider their responsibilities in terms of sponsorship and social contribution.

For many, just keeping their heads above water in challenging times is all that they can do. By the time taxes, salaries and suppliers are paid, many small companies have to seriously budget for their remaining spend.

And then, one day, the bank balance is in the black and there is a bit of room for giving to others.

At Cantec, we are proud to be associated with The Symphony Club of Waterford. This connection is borne of a very long held love of music by Shay & Grainne Tuohy, who founded Cantec in 1994.  They became sponsors of the Symphony Club in 2004 and Cantec continues to be proud sponsors to this day. Furthermore, Eadaoin Carrick, our Financial Director is one of the directors of the Club and is very involved in the organisation of all events.

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Eadaoin Carrick helping coordinate one of the many SCOW events.


SCOW Symphony Club of Waterford   LOGO


The aim of the Symphony Club is to bring music of all genres to the people of Waterford. Since its inception in 1988, it has hosted a range of musical talent from the NSO to the Black Dyke Band and everything in between.

The range of exciting musical talent is immense – Far from being an elitist group of music lovers, SCOW hope that by bringing these artists to Waterford, it allows for more people to experience and enjoy music.

Hearing live music played by accomplished and talented musicians in a variety of venues around Waterford can only be of benefit. For many (this writer included!) we associate famous pieces of music with the adverts in which they are used. Old Spice advert anyone…? That would be “O Fortuna – Carmina Burana” by Carl Orff! This played live by the National Symphony Orchestra is mind blowing.

Or those famous melodies like the William Tell Overture or Ride of the Valkyries – everyone has heard them but how many will retain their name? For SCOW, it is not about knowing which sonata or fugue was written by Bach or Tchaikovsky, it is simply about appreciating the music and enjoying it.

And it is not limited to Classical music – bands such as the Black Dyke Band are regular visitors and are a success every time!

Each year, they produce a brochure which Cantec are proud to design and print. See this year’s brochure here

SCOW continue to bring magnificent music to the people of Waterford and Cantec are proud to be associated with these great events.

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