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Cantec Group Launches Customs Clearance Software


Automation is a business necessity now more than ever and Cantec Group are delighted to bring ClearanceTec, our new Customs Clearance Automation Software, to the market.

ClearanceTec aims to reduce the processing time per individual customs clearance declaration by up to 80% which is a gamechanger for Irish exporters and clearance agents.

Customs Clearance Declarations

A major problem and current reality for Irish businesses as a result of Brexit is the increase in customs clearance declarations now required in order to export and import goods to and from the UK. In January alone this year, 1.8 million customs clearance declarations were processed, compared to the 1.6 million declarations in the whole of 2020 according to Revenue.

During the height of the pandemic, Cantec merged with SmartOffice Technology. Together as part of the Cantec Group, we help to support clients navigate the maze of software to help streamline office processes, providing customised tech solutions across communications, information management and now custom software development. Cantec Group’s new customs clearance automation software will enable businesses and Custom Clearance Agents to automate this process, reducing the large amount of time investment currently required.

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Greg Tuohy, Managing Director of Cantec Group, said“As a result of Brexit, businesses both big and small are now facing more border formalities and with the addition of increased customs clearance declarations, this has presented to be a major challenge for Irish businesses as forecasted. Over the past year at Cantec Group, we have been working to develop a software system that will allow businesses to save up to 15 to 20 minutes per individual declaration.

Commenting, Minister for Foreign Affairs Simon Coveney T.D., said, “Here in Ireland and across Europe, businesses are adjusting to the changes and challenges brought by Brexit and it’s very positive to see businesses like Cantec Group, developing systems to address particular issues relating to these changes. Trading with the UK is a huge part of the Irish economy and it’s important that we can continue to streamline this as much as possible to ensure businesses can efficiently comply with these trade procedures.”

Paul Towler, Technical Operations Director with the SmartOffice Technology division of Cantec Group, added, “Businesses are continuing to adjust to the post-Brexit era and while challenges and changes were very much expected, the true extent became a lot more visible over the past three months. Already demand is high for our new customs clearance automation software which directly addresses the issue of increased declarations. It is particularly important that we provide simple and sustainable solutions that are easily embedded in the company’s processes for many years to come.”

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