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Case Study: Boliden Tara Mines

Tara Mines is a zinc and lead mine, located near Navan, County Meath, and is Europe’s largest zinc mine. Since mining began in 1977, more than 85 million tonnes of ore have been extracted. Acquired by Boliden in 2004, Tara is an underground mine where the orebody lies between 50 and 900 metres below the surface. There are 580 employees working within three buildings located on site.

About The Project

Docutec has a long association with Boliden Tara Mines – we have been their dedicated supplier since 2005 and have witnessed their growth and development over the years. We had met the challenges posed by this expansion by integrating new equipment into the existing infrastructure.

In 2013, we undertook a full review of the equipment and surveyed the main users. It was clear that the infrastructure had evolved as a reaction to requirement but was without a clear plan. We established that many of the printers were coming out of contract and were due for replacement.

Some of this equipment was costly to run and was complicated to use. Many machines dispersed over several offices were posing a very real security risk as documents could print out while the user was not present. In addition, we found that many machines were underused and surplus to requirement.

We were confident that the advancements made in soft and hardware over recent years would be of instant benefit to Tara Mines. Additionally, we believed that investment in a restructured solution would provide significant cost savings.

Total Savings Of More Than €20,000 Per Year, With Continuous Cost Reduction and Control


Docutec recommended the implementation of a full Managed Print Service using Canon Multifunction devices and Uniflow software. 

We installed 14 Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE Multifunction devices strategically located around the site. Networked to the central server, they are equipped with Uniflow’s Secure Release and Follow Me Print options.


The impact on operations was immediate – Tara Mines are now in full control of their printing and made substantial savings due to the reduction of wasted prints.

Secure release ensured that the documents are only printed when the user is present resulting in less waste, less duplication and increased security.

All print costs can be tracked to manage spend and budget accurately. Scanning is also rendered easier and more secure.


Tara Mines had initial savings of in excess of €20K per annum with ongoing cost reduction and control. The print infrastructure is more streamlined and efficient while allowing for flexibility and growth of their operations. Users no longer trawl through printed documents to find their pages and the need to queue at busy printers is removed. Automatic replenishment of toners results in greater productivity and uptime. Enhanced onsite and remote service reduces the need for intervention by the IT team, freeing up their time to devote to other critical tasks.

Docutec have been our preferred supplier for all our print needs since 2005. They have worked with us to develop a scalable managed print process designed to meet our varied print and scan needs with an emphasis on cost control and transparency.

In June 2013, Docutec upgraded the service offering to provide an enhanced Print Software Solution with secure print from all devices on site. We found the installation process of the Uniflow Solution to be very efficient and effective with excellent training provided. It impressed us such that our Group has also installed Uniflow into all our other European operations as a result of the successful implementation at the Navan site.

We do more than Managed Print Services

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