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Case Study: Keltech Engineering

Keltech Engineering supply major OEMs in sectors such as Switch Gear, Power Generation, Material Handling and Construction. As a partner to their customer base, they are expert in the design and manufacture of steel fabrication such as enclosures, cabinets and reservoir tanks. The company is headquartered in Waterford City and employs over 200 people.

About The Project

Keltech has been a client of Docutec since 2005 – we manage their print requirements and have developed an excellent business relationship over the years. During a recent catch up, our Account Manager became aware of a problem that Docutec’s expertise could readily solve.

The issue is that Keltech have between 20 and 30 customers for whom they manufacture on a daily basis. As such, recording how many staff hours were being spent on the various manufacturing processes for the individual customers became a complex and time consuming, manual job. This in turn, led to concerns around the costing process and raised questions over individual customer profitability.


Emulating Keltech’s approach of “Understand, Innovate, Deliver”, Docutec designed a solution to automate the process of recording the staff hours spent on each client through the use of IRIS Extract capture software.

We designed a job time-card for all Keltech employees. A bespoke card, it is divided into half-hourly segments so employees can fill in the time spent on the various customer contracts.

At the end of each day, these cards are scanned through the Canon ScanFRONT 400 document scanners into a CSV file created by the IRIS Extract software. The file shows immediately the exact time spent on the different contracts by individual employee, by contract or by other pre-defined criteria.


  • Knowing exactly how much time is being spent per contract ensures that accurate customer profitability reports can be generated. The reports also provide greater assurance over the completeness and accuracy of incurred labour costs.

  • Keltech’s tendering process for future contracts has been enhanced as they have better measure and tracking of the costs associated with production.


  • Increased transparency and clarity of costing further helps to achieve their goal of operational excellence and ensures continued customer satisfaction.

We designed a job time-card for all Keltech employees. A bespoke card, it is divided into half-hourly segments so employees can fill in the time spent on the various  customer contracts.

When the automated timecard reading process was first suggested, we spoke to several different solutions providers. However, our long and successful relationship with Docutec gave us the confidence that they would provide a practical, reliable and robust system.

A thorough scoping exercise allowed Docutec to design the new process using quality Canon software and devices. Following a timely and efficient deployment, the solution has provided very effective results for us.

Increased transparency and clarity of costs helping to achieve operational excellence.

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