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Case Study: LIT - Limerick Institute of Technology

Given the vastly different print requirements of the staff compared with those of the students in LIT, Alan Barry is hugely satisfied that both have been met and exceeded by Docutec. 

Although there were lessons learned, throughout the implementation phase by both Docutec and LIT, in moving from an existing legacy system to a more modern technology platform, the managed print services in LIT are running more smoothly than ever. This is allowing Alan to dedicate more resources from his IT team to other projects which had been on the long finger for some time.


To identify a managed print provider who could deliver on our expectations by:

1. Reducing the overall cost of our managed print services

2. Providing a simple but reliable service to the student population

3. Satisfying the needs of a disparately located staff body across eight separate locations

4. Reducing the burden on our IT team of managing the consumables for a wide variety of print devices

About The Project

Docutec has a long association with Boliden Tara Mines – we have been their dedicated supplier since 2005 and have witnessed their growth and development over the years. We had met the challenges posed by this expansion by integrating new equipment into the existing infrastructure.

In 2013, we undertook a full review of the equipment and surveyed the main users. It was clear that the infrastructure had evolved as a reaction to requirement but was without a clear plan. We established that many of the printers were coming out of contract and were due for replacement.

Some of this equipment was costly to run and was complicated to use. Many machines dispersed over several offices were posing a very real security risk as documents could print out while the user was not present. In addition, we found that many machines were underused and surplus to requirement.

We were confident that the advancements made in soft and hardware over recent years would be of instant benefit to Tara Mines. Additionally, we believed that investment in a restructured solution would provide significant cost savings.

“As well as reducing our costs, Docutec has exceeded expectations in the speed and quality of the support they provide.”


Docutec produced a very strong tender response which was both competitively priced and addressed all of the technical requirements we set out in the tender document. Although we already had a print management software solution in place which provided print release for the students and cost recovery via electronic payment, Docutec chose to promote Uniflow for this purpose because of its added benefits and seamless integration with the Canon devices.

After much deliberation we decided to award the contract to Docutec. Our decision was based on the strength of the Canon brand with which we had previous experience, combined with the glowing references we received about Docutec support from other clients, and the compelling argument they made about the benefits of Uniflow over our existing print management system.


As we knew we would be up against the clock in terms of getting devices tested, installed and fully functional in advance of the arrival of the first students in September 2017, a key requirement for us was a clearly laid out implementation plan with specific timelines and proof that adequate resources would be made available to ensure a smooth transition from old to new. Training for both students and staff was also a high priority. 

Docutec threw the full might of their locally based team behind this project and had all student devices in place for the beginning of term, fully integrated with Uniflow, the new print management system.

With the help of personnel from Canon, their supplier, they had trained support staff stationed adjacent to devices, helping students learn the new system of releasing prints and topping up credit on their student cards through the simple electronic payment method.

Meanwhile other members of the Docutec team were busy installing almost 200 staff devices across the 8 sites and ensuring key operators were given the training they required to easily operate the devices.

Docutec’s consultative approach has provided simple but effective solutions to ensuring private information is kept safe through the printing, scanning and copying process.

Docutec has also taken the lead in ensuring we minimise our carbon footprint through a strategy of sustainability, which includes recycled material contained within devices, combined with low emissions and reduced energy consumption. Docutec has exceeded expectations in the speed and quality of the support they provide.


The quality of a print provider’s support structure is only truly measured by the manner in which they overcome challenges. No complex implementation project will be without its issues, which in this case was the migration from the existing legacy print management system to Uniflow.

Docutec’s response to this challenge was both swift and effective. Their systems team, in conjunction with Canon representatives, worked tirelessly until the system was fully functional.

Despite some early bumps in the road, we would now have no hesitation in endorsing Uniflow as a highly effective print management platform for third level education. Its comprehensive reporting structure and intuitive on-line cost recovery system provide for a very positive user experience for both staff and students. 

We are glad we took the decision to upgrade to a more advanced system which future proofs LIT’s print environment, allowing us to seamlessly add extra devices and services to our expanding facilities.


Even before we completed our cost analysis on the new managed print services we knew our savings had been significant – even so we would never have predicted a 40% reduction in print costs. Such has been the effect of careful planning and deployment of suitable resources to discourage wasteful printing and promote the use of shared devices, we have now become far more efficient in our print habits and are reaping the rewards in terms of cost reduction. This has enabled us to divert resources to other projects and add value to the services we provide in many other areas.

As well as reducing our costs, Docutec has exceeded expectations in the speed and quality of the support they provide. 

Despite receiving many glowing references from other Docutec Clients, it represented a significant leap of faith to award such an important contract to a new provider. So positive the experience has been however, in terms of continuity of service, that we certainly have no regrets in taking that decision.

Since the initial implementation Docutec have been very proactive in helping to fulfil our responsibilities in respect of GDPR and data breach prevention. Their consultative approach has provided simple but effective solutions to ensuring private information is kept safe through the printing, scanning and copying process. Docutec has also taken the lead in ensuring we minimise our carbon footprint through a strategy of sustainability, which includes recycled material contained within devices, combined with low emissions and reduced energy consumption.

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