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Cloud Printing & The Benefits – Experts Comments

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Cloud printing is a truly modern solution for the office. Multiple devices can connect to a business printer including laptops, tablets, smartphones, desktop units and more. This wireless service allows users to print with unparalleled freedom, cutting the cord to truly take advantage of the modern technology at hand.

You may have heard about a cloud printing service, but what are the true benefits? We have asked business owners, office managers, CEOs and founders from around the world to discuss some of the biggest plus points they’ve experienced when switching to a cloud-based model.

Cloud printing is really just the next step in being able to manage your documents without having to be in the office to do so. I am definitely forgetful, so from time to time I find myself in the situation where I realize halfway to the office that I have left behind an important document that I needed for a meeting or for a presentation with others. Cloud printing has let me avoid those possibly awkward moments by saving me from having to drive back to my home office to get them and simply print them from my phone while I am dealing with my morning commute,” Carla Diaz, Co-Founder, Broadband Search.

No Strings Attached​

Remote and hybrid working models are now the norm, with staff coming and going out of the office more than ever before. This also means that they are using various devices to work on which can present a bit of headache when it comes to printing as you may not be able to easily connect to a standard office printer.

With a cloud-based service you can use any device that is connected to the internet to print a document. This reduces the amount of time wasted fiddling around with software updates, driver compatibility issues and the like which allows everyone to work more efficiently whilst also reducing the strain on your in-house IT or print support team.

One major benefit for us was the flexibility of the cloud printing service to work easily on any device. It was crucial for us in a time where work was constantly being moved in and out of the workplace, and we were sometimes bringing our own laptops or tablets to the office. Ease of use was another massive benefit. We’d never need assistance from IT or the help desk, things just worked flawlessly. The print network would keep itself up to date to ensure maximum security and reliability, with nothing required on our part. Because of this, cloud printing has been a pretty great experience for us, and I encourage all workplaces to adopt it.” – Patrick Sinclair, Founder, All Home Robotics

One of the main benefits of using cloud printing is the convenience it brings as we can now print out documents anytime and from anywhere. Since there is a network of printing devices that we can use and print from using the cloud, this avoids having to travel to a single place just to access a printer. Moreover, the automatic software updates that go into cloud printing also save our IT staff time from having to do these manually.” Bob Scott, Founder, Sell Land.

Setting the Rules

Whether you’re trying to be more environmentally friendly with your printing habits or trying to cut costs, you can do so with a cloud system. Rules can be set and defined very easily, allowing you to control what can be printed, if it’s going to use coloured ink, overall page limits and plenty more.

Perhaps more importantly you will have access to analytics that will allow you to see who is printing and what is actually being printed. You can see just how many pages are being produced and for what reason, which will allow you to budget appropriately and also implement some other guidelines on printing.

Cloud Printing offers greater control for monitoring printing activities. You can control the volume of impressions through the cloud through effective user permissions. The organization of the entire process is maintained by reports generated by the system, which record everything that was printed, to whom, and when.” Ronald Williams, Founder, Best People Finder

It is easy to keep track of what is getting printed and when it was. Even if the hard copies are lost management can still know what was printed and at what time.” Jay White, CTO, Aquion Energy

Real-time Solutions

As we’ve already touched on above, driver issues and software issues can be infuriating to deal with, especially when you need to get something printed in a hurry. With a cloud-based system you’re in luck, mainly because important updates roll out automatically. When you choose a cloud compatible printing service from Docutec we will always ensure that your complete printing network is totally up to date and secured.

Flexibility that Cuts Costs

By far the most attractive element of a cloud-based printing system is the reduction in costs. A cloud compatible system allows more flexible printing options. Printing can be diverted to an office printer or high-volume business printer instead of the smaller, more expensive desktop units. More significantly though, your team can send items to print from anywhere. If they are traveling to a meeting, collaborating with colleagues or updating documents, cloud printing allows them to print what they need when and where they need it.

In addition, understanding the print habits of users, companies can identify and implement cost saving measures. Controlled access to colour printing, setting out print budgets, recommending mono/duplex defaults are all ways of managing the spend and adhering to a budget.

“Completing two tasks at the same time sounds ideal, does it not? Companies strive to optimize their printing operations in order to increase overall workplace efficiency. Simultaneously, cloud print management enables businesses to acquire valuable data on the number of print tasks, the sorts of print jobs, and so on, allowing them to prepare for the future. Companies may create expenditure forecasts based on current and expected consumption by using configurable reporting and analytics. When teams have a clear view of how much money is spent on printing on a regular basis, they are better positioned to adopt cost-cutting solutions.” Matt Lee, Founder, Innovative Building Solutions.

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The Future of Printing and Their Changing Roles​

Cloud printing is a game changer and is here to stay and it complements the traditional managed print service. Physical documents remain necessary in many businesses today, whether you’re using a photocopierlarge format printer, desk top unit or something even more specialised, there will always be a use for these machines.

Multifunctional Printers are a great way to get started. MFPs are capable of much more than just printing documents. Their integrated capabilities enable copying, document scanner work, and faxing from a single device. Many workgroup-class models, which were once expensive, are now available for less than €1,000.

MFP cost savings have materialized for a variety of reasons. The first benefit is lower upfront capital investments; by combining multiple printing and imaging capabilities into a single unit, offices require fewer devices. Additional savings come from fewer ink and toner cartridge purchases, as well as lower power requirements when individual units are eliminated.” Kristina Mishevska, Digital Manager, Globosurf.

We use an office printer to print out documents, invoices, reports, and any other paperwork that we need to keep on file. One of the main reasons for using a printer is that it is easy to run and maintain.” Mia Clarke, Owner, Invertpro.

Today’s printers are not just printers; they are multifunctional machines that can perform many tasks. They are a great tool for creating content, such as brochures and sales collateral. They can also be used to print out presentations, documents, and reports. I think the benefits of cloud printing are that it can save time and money.” Krittin Kalra, Founder, WriteCream.

Even the most digitally based companies have to print things from time to time. Maybe you have to print out numbers to present to your investors, or you need to print out brochures for an upcoming event.” Kristen Bolig, CEO, Security Nerd.

“This technique, called a “digital locker,” gives locals digital empowerment. It reduces the need of tangible documents. The system promotes e-document authenticity and discourages the use of fraudulent documents. More security for papers is provided by this system. It makes it simpler for the citizens to get services while lowering the administrative burden on government departments and agencies. Multiple users can access the same document simultaneously and from any location.” Hamza Usmani, Believe Money

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