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Eliminate Print Servers

PrinterLogic’s enterprise printer and driver management solution completely eliminates the need for print servers, delivers centralised print management, and empowers end users to install their own printers with a single click.

Advantages of Office Automation

PrinterLogic solves the most prominent pain points in print management by:

• Simplifying Printing in Virtual Environments (Citrix, VMware, VDI)

• Increasing Security and Reducing Waste Through Pull Printing

• Simplifying Printer Driver Management and Deployment

• Printing From any Mobile Device to any Network Printer

• Delivering Powerful Reporting and Alerting Features

• Eliminating Print-job Related WAN Traffic

• Getting Rid of Scripting and GPOs

PrinterLogic eliminates the need for print servers, thereby simplifying print management, reducing infrastructure, and lowering costs.

The Problem With Print Servers


Each print server at every site requires hardware procurement and licensing, cooling, power, physical security, management, maintenance, upgrades, virus scans, and so on. The average cost per print server is between €1,750 to €4,400 per year.

Risk from a Single Point of Failure

If the print server crashes, no one can print. Clustered print servers do not crash as often, but the trade-off for the high availability of clustered print servers is higher costs for hardware, licensing,
management, power, and maintenance.

Scripting and GPO Management Overhead

Managing scripts and GPOs to deploy printers to end users can consume significant IT staff time and resources. Often even the simplest of tasks, such as changing a printer’s name or replacing a printer with a new model and printer driver, requires a script. 

Self-Service Printer Installation

Print servers’ native self-service printer installation features are often too difficult for end users to use. Instead, they call the service desk and wait for assistance. Service desk calls are expensive and end users are unproductive while they wait for printer installation assistance.

Management Headaches

Print servers require operating system upgrades, patches, security, virus scanning, and so on. All of these take time and money to carry out.


PrintNightmare is the name given to a vulnerability in the Windows Print Spooler service that is responsible for sending print jobs to a print device. The vulnerability could be exploited by an attacker allowing them to remotely run code on a compromised system. All versions of Windows client and Server Operating Systems are affected. Microsoft have remediated the vulnerability by requiring local admin privileges for the installation of print drivers. This effectively breaks all traditional print queue deployment methods. PrinterLogic ensures your system is secure from PrintNightmare while providing automated print queue deployment via the PrinterLogic Client.

The Solution:
Implementing PrinterLogic to Eliminate Print Servers

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Install the Application

IT staff use the PrinterLogic installation package to automatically install the IIS role, PrinterLogic web application, and database on a virtual or physical Windows Server 2008 R2 (or newer) at your organization’s data center or HQ.

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Import Printers

IT staff use a web browser to access the PrinterLogic Admin Console and import printer objects and associated drivers from existing print servers. During the import process, all of your existing printer drivers, port settings, device settings, and preferences are copied from your print servers into the PrinterLogic application without changes. From then on, IT staff can use the PrinterLogic Admin Console to create and manage the printer objects.

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Install the Client

Once installed, the Client silently converts all existing printers that were connected to print servers into centrally managed direct IP printers that print to a physical printer. Customized printer settings that were configured on the printer, such as the default printer setting or duplex and paper tray configurations, remain intact through the conversion.


Why you need PrinterLogic:

Eliminate print servers

Simplify printer-delivery management and deployment

Reduce help-desk calls and empower the end user

Lower print management costs

No scripting or GPOs

Simplify printing in virtual environments

Discover printing activities, costs and waste

Increase security of print jobs

Support printing from mobile devices

The Benefits of Eliminating Print Servers

The many benefits of eliminating print servers and implementing centrally managed direct IP printing with PrinterLogic include:

• Simplify your infrastructure: With PrinterLogic you can eliminate all your print servers and dramatically simplify your infrastructure (while drastically reducing cost).

• Streamline your print management: Now you can manage all the printers in your entire enterprise through a single web-based admin console.

• Empower your staff: IT staff can now manage all the printers at their own sites, and end users can quickly and easily install their own printers.

• Reduce help desk calls: With a self-service installation portal to quickly install their own printers, end users are much less likely to call the help desk for printer hassles.

• Quick return on investment (ROI): The ROI for PrinterLogic occurs very rapidly. Eliminating costly print servers and reducing help desk calls equals quick savings.

PrinterLogic: Eliminate Print Servers

PrinterLogic eliminates the need for print servers, thereby simplifying print management, reducing infrastructure, and lowering costs.