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Managed Print Services

Managed Print Services

Managed print services are at the very heart of what Docutec provides for our clients all over Ireland, helping them streamline their document workflows, establish a predictable cost-per-page, all while enhancing employee productivity and reducing their overall print costs.

managed print services

Greater print efficiency

Lower printing costs
Up to 30% cheaper

Unbeatable support and customer service

The MERITS of our Managed Print Services

1. Meet

We have an initial meeting with you, to establish your overall print requirements.

2. Evaluate

We evaluate your print fleet through a comprehensive audit, finding solutions to problems that are restricting productivity and increasing costs.

3. Recommend

We make recommendations based on a thorough analysis of the data collected, and careful consideration of your needs.

4. Implement

We implement your managed print solution according to agreed milestones and within a specific timeframe.

5. Train

We train your employees to help them make the most of the new technology provided.

6. Support

We provide you with the highest levels of support through our locally-based service team, for the entire duration of the Service Level Agreement.

managed print services

With Docutec as your managed print services partner, you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing that our remote monitoring service allows us to detect and resolve issues before your staff even know they exist.

Your Partner in Print

Your managed print contract covers the delivery, management and maintenance of all your print and copy needs. Instead of having to deal with multiple suppliers for different products and services, you now have one reliable and expert partner – Docutec. 

We cater for all your managed print needs, including our remote maintenance services which mean that:

  • Small problems are fixed before they become larger
  • Large problems rarely (if ever) arise, and are quickly fixed if they do
  • Your IT staff can focus on business-critical tasks, instead of investing time in printing and copier issues
  • We stock only the best business printers and document scanners

We also service any devices included in your managed print service contract, including the supply of any spare parts that are needed.

Managed Print Services

Benefits of Managed Print Services

Save Storage Space

No need to maintain a large stock of toner cartridges, as we will deliver what you need, when you need it.

Future-proof your stock

No risk of existing toner stock becoming obsolete if you upgrade to new equipment that uses different cartridges.

Increased accountability

Another benefit of Managed Print Services; it makes it easy to track who’s printing what and how often, so you can analyse exactly where your printing spend comes from.

Greater security

We provide a ‘Secure Print’ service that means printing does not take place until the user is actually present at the printer, and uses a PIN or swipe card to retrieve their documents. This brings greater security for sensitive documents such as financial records or Human Resources files.

Smart savings

We also offer a solution that can send any print job to the most cost-effective printer, e.g. black and white pages to a black and white printer rather than a colour machine.

Greater convenience

We also offer a ‘My Print Anywhere’ service, where you can send a print job to any printer of your choice, anywhere in your building. This is ideal if you’re on your way upstairs to a meeting, or printing documents for the attention of somebody on a different floor.

Eliminate waste

‘Secure Print’ also tackles the problems of people hitting ‘print’ and then never collecting their documents, by ensuring they are not printed at all until the person is there to get them. Up to 30% of print jobs normally go uncollected in this way, but we can bring that rate down to zero – saving on paper, toner and waste.

Our nationwide network means we are close to you, no matter where you are in Ireland. When the need arises, we can quickly have a service engineer on site, and we pride ourselves on providing guaranteed response times for all service calls.

Managed Print Services for one simple monthly invoice


Our Managed Print Services are delivered to you all for one simple monthly cost. Options include:

  • A variable ‘cost per click’ rate (CPC), where your monthly fee is determined by the amount of printing done, and there is no extra charge for service call-outs, replacement parts or toners, etc.
  • A fixed monthly fee, which covers your printing needs up to an agreed quota each month, and can also cover service calls, replacement parts and toner supplies.

We do more than Managed Print Services

As part of the Cantec Group, Docutec are the leading printer suppliers Ireland has that sell products such as business printersA3 multifunction printersoffice photocopier printers, large format printers, office printersdocument scanners and high volume printers. Some of our other services include document management systemsprinter leasesecure print and office automation tools. Docutec has the goal to help businesses with document workflow automation