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Remote Printing

The need for remote printing has exploded in recent years. The advancements in mobile technology and the vast increase in the number of remote workers have contributed to this.

Business users have responded to these changes in many ways and remote printing has become a more frequently requested feature. The recent Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted both the need for and the benefits of remote working. While the pandemic will eventually pass, remote and mobile working are clearly here to stay. 

To find a lasting solution to the remote printing question, companies and organisations have asked questions like: 

How can I facilitate my employees printing to the office printer when working from home? 

How do I give remote users access to printers either locally or remotely and control the usage? 

How do I manage the security elements without extra hardware costs or softwarebased VPN’s and infrastructure? 

With our uniFLOW Online Cloud solutions these and many more questions can be answered and resolved. 

About uniFLOW Online

uniFLOW Online has been built to take advantage of the benefits of the Microsoft Azure cloud platform:   

  • Superior enterprise platform security  
  • Scalability and resilience for organisations 

Various interfaces to Microsoft products such as Office 365 and OneDrive / One Drive for Business ensure that uniFLOW Online fits perfectly into the existing user and office environments. 

As more organisations move to 3rd-party cloud services such as Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google G Suite etc., many have found it less costly and more convenient to move their existing printing solutions “to the cloud”. This saves both fixed and ongoing costs related to IT infrastructure and support personnel. 

Remote Printing with uniFLOW Online

Users have different options enabling them to submit their print jobs remotely regardless of location. Users can use their workstations, smartphones or tablets to print documents securely by using:  

  • Native uniFLOW Online Print Queue from their PC or MAC 
  • Via a Secure Web upload 
  • Via email submission to a unique email address for your organisation 
  • Guest users can securely submit their print job using Mobile Printing for guests 

All submitted jobs appear in a user’s secure print queue and, after printing, are logged so print usage can be controlled and managed. 

Benefits of using uniFLOW Online

Enhanced security 

A remote printing solution like uniFLOW Online can meet the security requirements of printing in any organisation due to control of user authentication, print job data encryption, transmission encryption and secure release methods at the print device. 

uniFLOW Online prevents unauthorised use of the device by restricting printer access to authorised users only. This prevents breaches of data and misuse as print, scan, copy and fax functionalities are available only to authorised visitors or employees. Protecting information is key to any data loss prevention policy. 


Reduction or elimination of Infrastructure costs

uniFLOW Online can reduce the need for dedicated VPN connections and their support cost in many workflows where off-network printing is desired. Organisations benefit from secure cloud service to print. 

uniFLOW Online also can eliminate the need for dedicated on site print and scan servers and the cost of maintenance and licenses of such infrastructure. 

Seamless user experience

The remote printing platform can be integrated directly into a user’s standard workflow. The user prints as they always do via existing methods. Printing remotely is the same experience as printing to a network printer in the print room or office. 


  • Print and scan remotely from mobile devices or cloud services. 
  • Greater flexibility in all types of workflows
  • Faster retrieval of print and scan results 
  • Print jobs can be modified on demand before print release 
  • Instant availability of print and scan functionality 24/7/365 

Take Ownership of Print Costs

If you are interested in taking ownership of your printing costs, we have a variety of applications depending on your requirements. Our Managed Print solutions are available in both onsite and cloud- based versions. If you would like a complimentary Print Audit to help determine the best option for your organisation, please get in touch using the button below.