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SmartOffice technology caters for the growing requirements of process automation and workflow management solutions within the modern office. Effective use of automation can be a key contributor to competitive advantage in today's digitally transformed workplace.

We have the tools to deliver both cost reduction and improved security. We deliver office automation software for generic and bespoke office tasks. We help find the solution that fits your business to help with document workflow automation.

What is Workflow Office Automation?

office automation solutions

Modern Solution

Manual data entry and repetitive tasks can harm your business and employee moral. It causes wasted time and the inefficient use of resources and technology. 

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Eliminates Human Error

Fortunately, there are solutions that can automate these tasks, eliminating human error, saving time and letting you focus on the work that actually matters. 

office automation solutions

Every Department benefits

Almost every department in business can benefit from workflow automation with the help of office automation.

How does SmartOffice Accounts Payable work?

Step 1

Suppliers email their invoices to your SmartOffice email account.  

Step 2

Data is extracted, then coded, processed, distributed and stored through the office automation tool. 

Step 3

SmartOffice AP updates your accounts, reconciles them with your statements and automatically searches for any missing invoices, while never losing any of your documents. 

Office Automation Solutions we provide

E-commerce Websites

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Secure Communications

Print Management & Workflow

AI Capture

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Integrated Office Automation

Marketing Automation

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Custom Development

Scanning tools

Digitization & Archival

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Cloud Business

Clearance Tech

Automation(Power Automate)

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Client Testimonials



Since we were established in Waterford in 2001 Docutec has supported us for our print, copy and scan requirements. Our phased expansion since then has brought with it a necessity to grow our IT infrastructure, including our print facilities. Docutec’s scalable managed print offering has suited our requirements perfectly over these years of rapid growth.
John Temple, IT Team Leader

Reliable Service

Our primary aim was to find a supplier who could provide us with quality printing equipment backed up with reliable service. The nature of the property development business means we rely heavily on our printers in mission critical situations. Docutec has provided us with high quality Canon multifunctional printers with a consistent level of excellent service over the past three years. Overall we can feel safe in the knowledge that Docutec will ensure our down time is kept to an absolute minimum.
Sarah Cummins, Shipton Services
Property Developers, Carrigaline, Cork

Helpful & Professional

Some years ago we decided to take a look at our overall printing costs. Docutec were able to help us identify the true costs of both acquiring and maintaining a diverse range of printers from a number of suppliers. They were also able to prove how consolidating to a smaller number of workgroup machines with lower maintenance costs from one supplier would both save us money and reduce our support overhead.
Fergal O’Brien, Senior Director Global End Operations
Ball Corporation


An office automation system can include both hardware and software solutions that allow data to be transferred across systems without the need for human interaction. Accounting, data management, training, facility management, and other admin tasks are all simplified and eased through office automation.

Going paperless isn’t the only benefit of an office automation system. For instance, every work product and customer correspondence should be stored in a document management system. However, the advantages of office automation provide much more to businesses than simply being green by reducing paper usage. It’s a powerful tool for automating operations, identifying wasteful workflows, and enabling informed decision-making.

Data Creation & Storage: Important and confidential workplace papers and information can be easily and securely stored. These system includes data apps, which are used to create or update a document, file, or spreadsheet.

Management of Data: One of the most important parts of an office automation system is data management since it makes it easier to manage information and data that has been stored, which has strategic advantages. Many office projects and operations may be monitored and supervised by an electronic management system in large organisations.

Data Transfer: Sending files or sharing data or information between one or more members of an organisation is made simpler using an electronic transfer application. Text documents, PowerPoint presentations, and spreadsheets can all be shared in real-time.

Accuracy: Other machines, like computers, can function just as well as (or even better than?) a human brain. Eradicating flaws from software or applications enables you to achieve 100% accuracy in regular commercial operations. The software programmes themselves are more reliable than the people who wrote them. The adoption of contemporary business automation technologies lowers the likelihood of errors.

Save Time and Money: Saving time and money is one of the main benefits of workplace automation. Complex tasks that previously required a specialised resource and a lot of time can be streamlined and automated by a system.

Reduced Costs: Because every business activity is now automated, you won’t have to spend as much money on recruiting new employees to manage duties that can be simply completed with an office automation system. Another significant benefit of office automation is that it can save your company a lot of money by automating many complex business processes. Because of large cost savings and investments in other resources, your profit margins should increase.

1. Time Savings
2. Cost Savings
3. Cash Flow and Performance 
4. Efficiency Improvements
5. Seamless Compliance

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Office automation made easy​

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