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Document Management System

Could a document management system work for you?

Are your documents stacked on shelves or packed into lever arch files? Taking up valuable storage spaceIs your organisation vulnerable to information loss and compliance violations? Are you answering yes to all these questions? A Document Management System is the answer for you.

document management system

document management system will free up office space and provide data security by electronically storing documents in a compliant manner. Automating paper and manual based procedures will ensure faster, more consistent business processes with improved visibility and traceability. 

Efficient Document Management Solutions
Speed up your business process and save time that can be better spent on other tasks. Think safe, secure, fast and flexible for your document management software. 

Scanner Integration

Scanning documents can be a laborious multi-step process involving the scanner and computer. How and where to save the information? By seamlessly integrating with a Canon office printer or document scanner, this functionality can be set by default making the digitising of paper documents a quick and easy process.   

Manageable Folder Structure

Do you regularly stop to wonder into which folder to save a document? Do you ever just drop it into an unmanageable general folder? To file documents in a logical way so that they can be easily managed and quickly retrievedinvest in feature-rich document management system like Therefore On-line. 

Cloud based

Iyour current document system located in an outdated onsite server which is expensive and time-consuming to maintain? Therefore Online is a SAAS (software as a service) based document management system which is fully managed by Docutec through Canon and hosted on the Microsoft Azure platform.

Access Control

Are you worried that sensitive information can be accessed by personnel who do not have the authority to do so? Therefore Online document management software allows authorised users to only have access to documents applicable to them by integrating a single signon for Windows Active Directory, Windows Local Security and LDAP/SAMBA. Therefore ensures easily manageable and secure access control. 

Retention and Destruction Policies

Are you sure your company is retaining financial, legal and HR documents for the required duration by law? Has information that you are not entitled to hold been deleted? You can set retention and destruction policies within your Therefore Online document management software according to the specific regulations for each type of document. 

Version Control

Have you any way of identifying what version of a shared document you are viewing, or if, and when, it has been edited by a colleague? Version control of documents is critical, especially for shared information between various people or teams. Our document management system retains and tracks all previous versions, so if a document is altered accidentally or maliciously, the original is always available. 

Audit Trail & Anti-Tamper Measures

Do you have transparency and control over who has accessed, saved, shared, printed or deleted any or all your documents? Therefore Online includes a complete audit trail of your document system; providing a comprehensive report on all actions performed with each document. The system verifies the authenticity of documents through a saved digital signature each time they are retrieved. 

GDPR Compliance

Are you worried that your company is not fully conforming to GDPR in securing sensitive and personally identifiable information? Therefore Online document management software has been independently and expertly audited to attest that Therefore enables clients to comply with the data protection requirements as per the EU General Data Protection Regulation (EU GDPR).

Quick Retrieval

How long does it take to find a document if you can’t remember where it has been saved?

Document Management System

Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE DX C57000 range

Wherever you are in your digital transformation journey, our devices will help enhance productivity through:

Document Management System

Cloud Collaboration

Access documents from anywhere, in re-usable formats for easy handling.

Simplified Print Management

Allowing you to analyse device usage via centrally managed resources.

Document Management System

State-of-the-Art Scanning

With a new paper feeding mechanism and stain-resistant glass, ensuring high-speed, high accuracy scanning.

Workflow Automation

Efficiently digitise documents with intuitive and automated scan, store and search workflows

Security Assured

Protecting your documents, devices and network with 360° security

Sustainable Office

Low energy consumption, quiet operation and reduced emissions help improve your office’s green credentials.

Archiving & Retrieval

document management system

Documents are automatically saved and indexed using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to identify into which folder they belong. 

Cloud Services

Therefore Online document management software offers a secure, hosted solution on Microsoft Azure using geo-redundant datacentres across 4 continents: 

Powerful Integration

Using the Therefore API, we can integrate with third party ERP, CRM and accounting systems. 

Analyse and Measure against KPIs

The reporting and analytical tools included in the Therefore document management system enables you to:  

e-Signatures & Digital Transaction Management

By integrating with Docusign, the world’s leading digital transaction management provider, Therefore document management system allows you to manage the process of signing documents online anytime, anywhere from any device. 

The benefits of providing an endtoend workflow process for document signature management include: 

Enhanced Mobility and Flexibility

printer supplier ireland

The workplace is no longer considered a static location and the need to access documents and information while traveling, working from home or on a customer’s site is essential. 

With Therefore Online you can achieve this easily without affecting the integrity or security of your documents or systems. Working from the office or remotely, all data is still stored and retrieved from one single location. 

Here are the benefits of using Therefore Online Mobility:

Ability to work from anywhere on ANY device (Laptop, Chromebook, Apple Mac, Android or iOS devices)

No need for expensive dedicated VPN connections and their relevant support cost to access systems or files.

The Therefore GO Mobile app allows you find, edit and add documents directly from your mobile phone. It also allows you to view over 400 different file formats without the need of having to install other software or applications.

Therefore Online gives ability to take files and documents offline which is ideal for employees who travel or are unable to stay connected to the internet. Users can continue to access, work on, edit or add documents they have taken offline. Once users are connected back to the internet any additions or modifications are automatically synced back to the cloud.

With Therefore’s document version control you don’t have to worry about documents being changed or modified with all versions of the document always available and retrievable with full Audit log of any changes.

Increase productivity & collaboration using Therefore Online accessible from any device within your organisation. You can access the Therefore web client from any browser without the need to install software.


Your Therefore Online document management system can automate core business processes with its powerful Digital workflow engine 

Therefore Workflows allow for: 

Document Management System for Departments

How can a document management system increase the efficiency of your department? We can configure and customise Therefore to suit just about any departmental process or requirement, leading to streamlined operations, higher customer satisfaction and increased productivity. 

Human Resources

Create a more streamlined recruitment process with efficient onboarding and off-boarding routines. Keep employee records secure, confidential and easily retrievable, while managing leave requests in a timely manner.


Automate the accounts payable process of invoice processing with workflows and automatic linking, while tracking payment histories and approvals. Automate payroll and integrate it with your existing ERP system.

Manufacturing & Engineering

Store content certificates securely and extract them efficiently. SOPs, training records, and all data pertaining to health and safety can be easily retrieved. Automate the process of Product Warranty Registration.

Contract Management

Approaching expiry dates are brought to your attention through an automated alert system. Version control will ensure the right contract is signed while e-signing services like DocuSign are automatically managed through native integration.

Customer Service

Use the digital binder feature to efficiently group customer documents ensuring the most up-to-date information is easily retrievable. Microsoft Power BI integration creates real time dashboards of customer data allowing you to advise instantly on the status of orders or requests.


Create digital workflows for the approval of credit notes, invoices, credit notes and haulier payment. Maintain a comprehensive audit trail of all transport documentation and streamline your customer invoicing process.


Remote access capability, integration options, and multi-site architecture allow coordination in dispersed and globalised organizations. Microsoft Power BI integration creates real time analytic dashboards of customer data enabling you to quickly react to changes in operational metrics.
document management system

Document Management System - FAQ

Of the many features in a document management system, you need to ensure that it is easily scalable and can cover current and future requirements. It needs to be intuitive and versatile but still simple and easy to use. 

Depending on how many users will be required and much how functionality you require, our SmartOffice team can provide and implement an entry level document management system for as little as €95.00 per month on a SAAS (software as a service) model. 

For more complex requirements (larger organisations, with many users) the monthly cost could be closer to €1,000. More, if there is a clear benefit to be gained from the more advanced automated workflows we offer. In these scenarios, there would be professional services costs for in-depth discovery and implementation and clients can decide whether to pay this up front or include it in the monthly SAAS instalments.  

Document management systems are a way of linking your documents and files with key index dataThe DM system can correlate all the different key index data meaning it is very simple and easy to manage, find and retrieve specific document records quickly. 

When choosing a document management systemensure it has: 

  • Cloud storage and connectivity giving more reliability and redundancy features than a local install which costs more to run and maintain. 
  • It meets all your needs around permissions and access integration with your other systems and directories like Office 365, Microsoft Azure AD, local AD or Google Workspace. 
  • Version Control and auditing control of documents, so you never loose or overwrite a document.
  • Advanced Full text search capabilities of all documents, meaning you can search for specific text within the documents even if it isn’t captured in the Key index data.
  • Full OCR scanning capabilities to help get paper based document into the system easily. 
  • Ability to access the system easily and remotely with out the need of additional software or VPNs. 

It will protect your company’s important and sensitive documents and keep them secure.  

It will control the levels of access to all information as set out by you. 

Personallyidentifiable information is protected and ensures compliance with GDPR. 

Facilitates quick access to information from the office or when remote working. 

Supports simplified access when needed by allowing authorised users to quickly search, find, and retrieve documents. 

Increases a company’s efficiency by saving valuable time and money. 


Document Management System

Supports simplified access when needed by allowing authorised users to quickly search, find, and retrieve documents. Contact us to find out more.

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