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Document Security

Information is a key component to the success of any business. Keeping that information secure is even more crucial. GDPR and legal concerns aside, respect for your staff, customers and suppliers as well as your business necessitates safe and secure storage of data. 

That’s easy, you may say! However, changes to how we use, transmit, store and retrieve information have opened entire new ways of how our data can be breached, altered, lost, manipulated, stolen or destroyed.  

What are the benefits of a Document Management System? 

Digitizing your information and implementing a document management system supports a comprehensive list of practical benefits.  

Space Saving

Reduce your paper storage and eliminate excessive or repeat printing. 

Loss Prevention

Minimise the risk of lost, stolen or misfiled documents. 

Faster retrieval

Quickly locate documents, in the office or on the move. 

Easily searchable

Indexed information means you locate it faster. Better for making quicker, informed decisions. 


Collaborate across your team on documents in real time from any location. 


Keep all content fresh, accurate and up to date. 

Disaster proof

Paper files can be damaged by fire, flood or other disaster but digital files are more secure allowing greater business continuity. 


Added layers of protection can be applied to sensitive documents such as Human Resource files or revenue figures. 

However, this increased flexibility in document management requires added responsibility over data security. In an everchanging world, security concerns are a top priority and a growing focus for business today. Work practises must be user-friendly and accessible but resistant to data loss or manipulation. Keeping data secure is critical and every effort must be made to counter internal and external threats. 


 8 key steps to maintain document security: 


Audit Trail

Information can move around in digital form – keeping track of where it is and who can see it is essential. An audit trail provides a complete report on each document such as who accessed, saved, shared, printed or deleted it. 


Mobile App

Documents need to be available beyond the office! With our mobile app and web access, employees can continue to access business documents and process workflows in complete security.  



Only authorised users have access to their applicable documents. Our software can be integrated with single sign on for Windows Active Directory, Windows Local Security and LDAP/SAMBA to maintain correct access and ensure compliance. 



File Encryption

Protect data in transit – encrypt files so that they stay safe even as they travel between devices. Rules can be applied to sensitive documents, preventing them from being copied or printed.  



Version Control

Version control of documents is critical especially on shared information between various people or teams. Our software retains and tracks all previous versions so if a document is altered accidentally or maliciously, the original is always available. 



Password Protect

Password-protect all printouts. Add passcodes or card readers to your devices. Force people to prove their identity before they can print their documents. This reduces waste generated by jobs that are printed and then forgotten about as well as avoiding the data breaches of documents being left uncollected. 



Digital Signature

Saved documents are signed with a digital signature that is verified every time the document is retrieved to ensure authenticity. 




A cloudbased solution enables documents to be backed up and saved within datacentres. Additional security steps are available as needed and migration schedules of data can be selected. Bespoke configuration of storage devices or storage and retention policies is quick and easy. 

Document Security

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