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PrinterLogic: 30-Day Free Trial

PrinterLogic’s enterprise printer and driver management solution completely eliminates the need for print servers, delivers centralised print management, and empowers end users to install their own printers with a single click.

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PrinterLogic: The Benefits of Eliminating Print Servers

The many benefits of eliminating print servers and implementing centrally managed direct IP printing with PrinterLogic include:

• Simplify your infrastructure: With PrinterLogic you can eliminate all your print servers and dramatically simplify your infrastructure (while drastically reducing cost).

• Streamline your print management: Now you can manage all the printers in your entire enterprise through a single web-based admin console.

• Empower your staff: IT staff can now manage all the printers at their own sites, and end users can quickly and easily install their own printers.

• Reduce help desk calls: With a self-service installation portal to quickly install their own printers, end users are much less likely to call the help desk for printer hassles.

• Quick return on investment (ROI): The ROI for PrinterLogic occurs very rapidly. Eliminating costly print servers and reducing help desk calls equals quick savings.