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High Volume Printers

When your busy workplace needs a high volume printer capable of producing tens of thousands of pages per month, you can rely on Docutec, the leading printer suppliers in Ireland, to find the ideal solution for you. With the widest selection of high volume printers on the market at your disposal, our expert team can help you narrow the search and guide you to make the best decision.

Which High Volume Printer is Right for You?

With many options available, it is not always so easy to establish which device would be best. Do you go with a basic model or choose the latest one with all the bells and whistles? Will the cheapest version do, or should you stretch for the more expensive option? And when thinking of the cost, do you factor in only the medium-term needs or do you aim to satisfy longer-term requirements?

How Will Your High Volume Printer Be Used?

Will your high volume printer be used in a busy office environment by several employees or will it be primarily used to generate large volumes of copies or prints? Think about why you need a high volume printer and what will it be doing? There are many elements to consider:

  • Colour or monochrome (black & white) printing
  • Text only documents or full-colour glossy brochures
  • Single sheets or collated documents
  • Plain printing paper or high-quality paper options
  • Speed & Finishing Options

Either way, you will need a user-friendly option with intuitive functionality. The right device will enable you to extract its full capabilities without unnecessary stress.

Lean on the experts at Docutec for their advice and guidance.

Benefits of Docutec’s High Volume Printers

With all high volume printers, you will benefit from advanced features with easy-to-use functionality. Increase the productivity of your employees and reduce the workload – let the machine work away while your people get on with their other tasks.

  • Secure & Confidential
  • Quick & Convenient
  • Flexible For Finishing
  • Efficient & Cost-Effective

Secure & Confidential

With an increasing requirement to maintain print security and ensure document confidentiality, there are several ways to achieve this. Data Encryption and Password protection are commonly used methods to maintain a secure print environment. User Log-Ins and Pin Codes account for who is printing what and can help track print expenses. Secure Release ensures that documents are only released at the printer when the user is there to collect them. Your confidential documents remain confidential

Quick & Convenient

High Volume printing and speed regularly go hand in hand. For courtroom documents, classroom notes or production printing, a quick turnaround is usually required. Even without any urgency, a large volume of printing will take time and the less time it takes, the better. The ppm (prints per minute) is an essential element of the printer specification. In tandem with a speedy output, you can rely on the continuous output of your high volume printer. Multidrawer capacity enables seamless printing without intervention adding to its overall convenience.

Flexible For Finishing

High volume printing usually requires additional finishing of the documents generated – from sorting and stapling to hole punching for filing. Our user-friendly devices can take much of this hard graft away making the process so much easier. Automatic stapling ( side or corner) make the documents easier to handle, reducing human error and speeding up the production process. Your arm muscles will also be grateful when hole punching for files and folders is done for you!

Efficient & Cost-Effective

The main advantages of producing large volumes of documents in-house are to reduce costs, maintain control and ensure confidentiality. It is often considerably more efficient to do the work yourself rather than outsourcing it. You have greater control and increased flexibility when not reliant on the schedule of others. Decisions on the finishing options can be made instantly and more cost-effective options can be included.

For more benefits of a High Volume Printer, contact the Docutec team here.

We have a wide range of high volume printers for you to select from – for a busy office environment with many users, large schools with several teachers and everything in between.

We also have other business printers such as multifunction printers, photocopiers, large format printers, office printers and document scanners.

When you need impressive, consistent, high-quality print devices, think Docutec.

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  • Canon ImagePRESS C165

    Canon ImagePRESS C165

    Push your creative limits with the imagePRESS C165. Whether you are an SME, creative agency, copy shop or work in an in-house print environment, this printer will suit you. For office functionality and professional quality, it will broaden your print capabilities. It is an intuitive solution for driving increased customer engagement. A fantastic business printer and high volume printer for an office setting.

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  • Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE DX-C7700i Series.

    Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE DX-C7700i Series

    The Canon ImageRUNNER ADVANCE DX-7700i series is available in a range of models capable of delivering exceptional print quality in both colour and black and white output. Ideal for business environments with high print volumes and exacting quality standards. This printer is perfectly suited for customers who require a variety of finishing options. 

    A fantastic business printer, high volume printer and Office photocopier printer, multifunction printer for an office setting.

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  • Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE DX-8700 Series

    Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE DX-8700 Series

    The Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE DX-8700 Series drives high-speed and high-volume performance, combining it with greater user satisfaction and eye-catching quality. Individual processes are seamlessly integrated for enhanced levels of efficiency and productivity. 

    A fantastic business printer, high volume printer and Office photocopier printer for an office setting.

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  • Canon VarioPRINT 140 Series

    Canon VarioPRINT 140 Series

    The Canon VarioPRINT 140 Series employs Oce’s DirectPress® technology to deliver high-quality, high-speed black and white printing that doesn’t suffer from banding, striping or steaks. A low fusing temperature means that you can use a wide variety of media, including textured stock and the Océ EnergyLogic technology reduces your carbon footprint. 

    A fantastic business printer, high volume printer and Office photocopier printer for an office setting.

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  • Canon imagePRESS C600i Img01

    Canon imagePRESS C600i

    Your business can now benefit from professional print production quality and outstanding reproduction quality levels from an office printer. Introducing the Canon imagePRESS C600i!

    This printer offers consistent results across a variety of media, including textured and recycled paper. Enhanced security features ensure that your confidential documents remain just that – confidential!

    For fast, consistent printing of impressive quality, look no further than the Canon imagePRESS C600i.

    A fantastic business printer, high volume printer and Office photocopier printer for an office setting.

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