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Reduce your printing costs with uniFLOW

Reduce your printing costs with uniFLOW

Cantec delivers the uniFLOW printing, scanning and device management platform designed to save your organisation time and money.

uniFLOW LogouniFLOW has several capabilities and benefits that can help reduce your printing costs by up to 30%. These include:

Secure Print

Confidential jobs can be held centrally on a print server and are only released when the user identifies themselves. The user can go to any device in any location with the knowledge that their job will be printed securely.

Waste is also eliminated as documents are automatically deleted if they have not been released, rather than gathering dust on the printer’s output tray.

Budgeting & Cost Centres

Budgets can be set giving, you the option of preventing users printing more than they are entitled to. A manager’s authorisation can also be required before printing large or expensive jobs.

Cost Centres can be assigned to print, copy and scan jobs, allowing you to accurately and efficiently charge back the cost to your client.

Device Control

uniFLOW can set access control rules on your devices, allowing you to specify access to not only the device but also specific features of the device. For example, you may want to allow your Design department unrestricted colour usage, but restrict Finance to mono only.

Routing jobs to the Cheapest Device

Laser printers close to the users are convenient but expensive to run. uniFLOW Output Manager allows the user to print small jobs on the laser printer, but can also ask the user to move the job to a cheaper Canon MFD once it is over a certain size. Jobs can also be routed automatically without asking, to ensure the cheapest device is always selected.

Accounting and Reporting

uniFLOW can track and store all of your devices printing and copying costs. The built-in reporting system allows the administrator or finance department to see how much each printer and user is costing the company. This information can be used to identify where cost savings can be made.

uniFLOW Chart

uniFLOW puts Control back in your Hands

You can use uniFLOW to simply monitor your printing habits and make changes accordingly. Or you can save money by limiting colour usage to only those that need it. Budgets are a great way to give everyone unrestricted usage while raising awareness of print costs. Waste can be eliminated whilst increasing security.

For more information on how a Cantec Managed Print Solution can save you money, click here.

If you want to bring added controls to your print environment, contact us to arrange a Managed Print Site Audit.

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