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The Top 5 Reasons why your Business needs a Managed Print Service


You might say: “I have an office printer – it does all I need! Why do I need a managed print service?“

Well, if you are one person operation, then possibly that single printer is all you need. But for any larger enterprise, or as your business scales up, you will need more. A Managed Print Service offers many advantages– we have outlined the top 5 benefits here.

First though, what is a Managed Print Service?

Sometimes called a Managed Print Solution, this is a service offered by print providers whereby all your printing devices, including document scanners and photocopiers, are managed by an expert, external provider. You benefit from a bespoke set-up to meet your exact needs, all the hassle of dealing with multiple vendors is removed and consumables are delivered as they are needed. Your agreement will cover the delivery, maintenance, and management of the entire printer fleet by one dedicated, expert partner. 

Why Should my Business use a Managed Print Service?

Great question and we are so glad you asked! There are several benefits to a managed print service, but we have compiled the top 5 reasons to use this type of service.

Money Saving

1. Save Money and Reduce your Costs


2. Enhance Productivity & Improve Efficiency throughout your business


3. Improve your Sustainability and Environmental Scores


4. Guarantee Document Security


5. Improve Cashflow and Decrease Capital Expenditure

Managed print services are at the very heart of what Docutec provides for our clients all over Ireland, helping to streamline document workflows and establish a predictable cost-per-page, all while enhancing employee productivity and reducing their overall print costs. 

1. Save Money and Reduce your Costs

Reduce Cost of Printing by 30%

A Managed Print Service can lower your printing costs by up to 30%… Interesting, right? With inflation soaring and the costs of running a business running out of control, every saving helps.

And savings with Docutec are immediate –We establish what you need, where you need it and streamline your print infrastructure accordingly. Cost savings are made with energy efficient machines and extremely competitive cost per copy/click rates.

Added to that, a convenient single monthly invoice covers the rental of the machine, maintenance, and spare parts as well as toner supplies, delivered to you as you need them.

Smart Savings

Docutec recommend platforms such as uniFLOW, Papercut or PrinterLogic that manage and control print spend. Understanding who prints what, from which printer and in which volumes provides useful insights into printing behaviour. Exact costs can be calculated, and budgets can be set. If required, print habits can be reviewed and managed and quotas can be implemented. All of these reduce the cost and enhance cashflow.

Smart Savings

The ‘Secure Print’ feature of the Docutec Multifunction Printer tackles effectively the problem of uncollected prints. Gone are the days of users hitting ‘print’ and then either forgetting to collect their document or forgetting that they have it already printed and hitting print again. Up to 30% of print jobs can go uncollected in this way.

Simply using the ‘Secure Print’ feature means that the user only releases the print job when they are at the printer. As well as being more secure, the rate of uncollected prints is brought down to almost zero saving on paper, toner and reducing the level of waste generated.

Cost Reduction

A larger enterprise could have a variety of devices, some of which are more cost-effective than others. Docutec recommends that the print job be sent to the most suitable device based on what is being printed. For example, black and white printing should be sent to a Mono machine however a colour document should be directed to a colour multifunction device. Small but significant options result in considerable cost reduction.

Reduced Down Time

The main advantage of a managed print service lies in the support received from our locally based technicians for the duration of the service agreement. It’s an absolute given that the machine will need our technical team at some point. When that happens, you’ll want the support quickly and efficiently. Our remote team triage the calls and solve 100% of software-based queries immediately.

Small problems are fixed before they become larger and when larger problems arise, (rarely, but it does happen) we resolve them swiftly. Your IT team can focus on business-critical tasks and leave the printers and copiers to us.

2. Enhance Productivity & Improve Efficiency Throughout your Business

You could be forgiven for not thinking about the printer fleet when considering the productivity of your team… Hear me out, it can make a dramatic difference!

Starting with the actual fleet of printers, how many do you need? What type and where should they be positioned? You’ll want enough of them so that people don’t need to wander the halls in search of a device, but you don’t want small individual printers sitting beside every desk either.

Neil Kennealy
“We don’t think you should have to choose between cost and convenience, we’d like you to have the best of both!”  
Neil Kennealy, 
Docutec Sales Manager

All devices are networked, so you can select a free machine to print at. If the machine in the accounts department is busy printing lots of invoices or statements*, then, send your print job to a different machine. Docutec offers a ‘My Print Anywhere’ solution which is useful if you wish to print documents for the attention of someone on a different floor or building.

(*By the way, if your accounts department is still printing out loads of invoices and statements, then it really is time to talk to us about SmartOffice Process Automation Solutions.)

‘Follow Me Print’ is another useful tool to use – Imagine that you are going to a meeting or presentation, then send your print job to the device located close to that venue and collect it on your way. The ‘Secure Print’ feature means that your documents won’t be released until you enter your code at the device.

Spend less time walking around to devices to collect print jobs and more time efficiently achieving your tasks. Now, if your objective is to increase your step count, ignore all the above and keep on walking.

3. Improve your Sustainability and Environmental Score

For Docutec, sustainability is a fundamental part of our company culture. We are very aware of the importance of meeting the needs of now without compromising the needs of the future.

We actively encourage green practises and promote a sustainable approach to printing for all our customers.

Energy Efficient Equipment

Not every managed print service provider is the same! Docutec offer Canon EQ80 remanufactured machines for the environmentally conscious buyer. These are machines that have been completely stripped down and rebuilt to the same exacting standards of new machines. With 80% of existing parts and components used, these machines dramatically reduce the CO2 emissions associated with manufacturing costs.

A reduced carbon footprint, quieter operating mode, ergonomic design, faster sleep recovery times and economical running costs all contribute to an excellent environmental score.

Toner Bottle Recycling Programme
Toner Recycling

One huge benefit of a managed print service is the delivery of toners as they are needed. There is no need to order them separately or keep aside storage space for your supplies. With Docutec, we take toner management one step further. We offer the only Irish Toner Recycling Programme for our customers. Simply return the empty toners to us for full and effective recycling. Read more about this process by following the link or send your questions to

4. Guarantee Document Security 

Within every organization, people need to print sensitive and confidential documents. In the past, people would have been given a personal printer to avoid sending confidential information to a shared printer. However, once the printer is at the desk, it is used for all printing and the running costs increase substantially.

With our ‘Secure Print’ feature, the confidentiality concern is completely removed. Devices are networked so they user can select the most appropriate machine for their print job, send it to print, safe in the knowledge that it won’t be printed until they are at the machine to release it.

The introduction of GDPR adds a further layer to the level of security needed within organisations. Personally identifiably information must be treated with greater sensitivity and enhanced security and this relates to Customer details as well as Employee information.

Password Protect

Documents can be password protected so that they are not even visible in the print queue by other users. Take the example of the HR manager printing a termination letter – this is clearly not information that should ever be circulated Our recommended applications like Papercut or uniFLOW can mask the filename and only present the user with their own list of print jobs.

Encrypted printing and scanning protect documents from unauthorized access, and we offer secure print and scan facilities with two-factor authentication. In addition, McAfee embedded control software ensures that the device functionality is never compromised.

5. Improve Cashflow and Decrease Capital Expenditure

The principal benefit of the Docutec Managed Print Service lies in the savings of time and money. We are committed to helping you save money. From the initial free consultation of your print infrastructure and throughout the service agreement, you will benefit from substantial savings.

Competitive Pricing

We offer competitive prices for our devices with generous trade-in allowances against existing equipment. We arrange leasing with the best rates available which enables you to write off the interest against profits. Flexible rental plans allow you to avoid costly capital outlay and focus your cashflow on achieving your business goals.

More ways to save

Transparency and control over the printing expenditure is provided by the single monthly invoice that covers the rental, maintenance, and provision of toner supplies. With toner included in the service contract, you always have a supply delivered to you just in time. You don’t need to stock up on spares that occupy space and get in the way. And when you are finished, return the toner bottles to us for recycling. That also reduces your waste bill and is better for the environment…a win-win!

How Long is a Piece of String?

There are many other reasons to invest in a Managed Print Service, but these were our top choice. The primary benefits to an individual or an organisation are savings of money and time. The financial savings can be readily quantified and on their own are enough of an incentive to decide on a managed print service. The savings of time are a bit more of a “how long is a piece of string” scenario. While the actual time saving can be accounted for, what one can do with that extra time is where the real money is at… What would your IT team do with an extra hour in their day?

So, have we convinced you yet about the merits of a Managed Print Service?

No? If you need further guidance on the advantages of implementing a Managed Print Service, have a look at the merits here.

The MERITS of our Managed Print Services

1. Meet

We have an initial meeting with you, to establish your overall print requirements. This way we can really get to know your business.

3. Recommend

We make our managed print solution recommendations based on a thorough analysis of the data collected, and careful consideration of your needs.

5. Train

We train your employees to help them make the most of the new technology provided. This ensures ease of transition and introduction of your managed print service.

2. Evaluate

We evaluate your print fleet through a comprehensive audit, to find innovative solutions to problems that are restricting productivity and increasing costs.

4. Implement

We implement your managed print solution according to agreed milestones and within a specific timeframe to help you business past its pain point.

6. Support

We provide you with the highest levels of support through our locally-based service team, for the entire duration of the Service Level Agreement.

Understanding that the needs of each of our clients are different, we tailor the MPS to suit. Depending on the outcome of the evaluation, we will suggest different machines to best adapt to your printing requirements. Docutec, part of the Cantec Group, are the leading printer suppliers in Ireland, offering business printers, A3 Multifunction printers, office photocopiers, large format printers, document scanners and high-volume printers.

And no, they are not all the same! There is a degree of overlap, so just think of it in terms of cars… Consider a Ford Escort and a Volvo XC90. Really not the same thing!

How do you know which one is best for your business or organisation? This is where our expert advice comes to the fore. Docutec has a team of experienced account managers who can guide you through the best option to suit your needs for now and as your business scales and grows.

But, let’s face it, none of us are going to purchase anything without doing some research first. It’s the smart thing to do! To help you work out what type of printer might best meet your needs, we have a comprehensive guide to our full range of office printers and copiers.

So, what’s next?

Go to our Website,, and under the heading Print & Scan Devices, we have listed the diverse types of devices complete with helpful links to images, features, and benefits. If you still have questions, our FAQ section might be just the place to find the answers.

If you’d like to bypass all of that and just ask us straight, that’d be fine with us too! Our team of Account Managers will prepare an informative, easy to follow quotation that will tick all the boxes for the decision makers in your organisation.

A quick phone call to Docutec on 0818 337012 or an email to will get that ball rolling. We’re on standby, waiting for your call.

We do more than just Managed Print Services

Part of the Cantec Group, Docutec are Ireland’s leading printer supplier; providing desktop printers, multifunction printers, photocopiers, large format printers, high volume printers and document scanners. 

Other services include printer leasesecure printmanaged print services and office automation tools.

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