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Recycle Your Toner Bottles with Docutec

Don't Discard the Empty Toner Bottles

All empty toner bottles and tubes (for Black, Cyan, Magenta & Yellow toner) can be returned to us for recycling. 

Segregate the Packaging

  • Remove the external cardboard packaging from the toner tube and recycle it locally in your green bin.
  • Pack the toner bottles tightly into a box.
      • It reduces movement and ensures that the box can be filled.
      • Greater volumes per shipment reduces transport costs.

Return Your Empties

Here’s how!

  • Drop the empty toner bottles into any one of our warehouses – Waterford/Cork/Limerick/Dublin – see below. 
  • Send them back to our Waterford Warehouse via post/courier.

Docutec have collaborated with Kollect Waste & Removal to recycle these toner tubes.

  1. Effective Local Recycling
  2. Reduced Transport Cost
  3. Reduced Carbon Footprint
  4. Diverted away from Landfill
  5. Sustainable Solution

Thank you for helping us to recycle more.

Get in touch for more information and any questions: