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Creating New ID’s

Creating New ID’s

1. Type the IP address of your device in your web browser (Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer).

  • If you do not know the IP address of the device you can print out a Network Data Sheet on the device in:
    System Settings > Preferences > Network > Output Report

2. Enter your User name and Password to login to the photocopier and click the Login button.

Enter User Name Password Login

3. Click on the Universal Login Manager Link on the right hand side menu.

Universal Login Manager Link

4. The users screen will appear. Click on the Create User button at the bottom of the screen.

Click Create User

5. Enter the following details: User NamePinConfirm Pin and Email.

Enter User Name PIN Confirm PIN Email

6. If the new user should be restricted to Mono printing only then select Mono from the list of roles.

7. If the user is allowed to print colour then select PowerUser.

Print Colour Select Power User

8. Now choose an image to be displayed on the Copier Login screen.

Choose User Image

9. Click the Save button.